Dispenser Options

The perfect dispenser for our Gel Alcohol Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer is our SSI Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. We have engineered it for both Safety & Savings.

Highlights of this High-Quality Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System:

Hand Sanitizer

  • Futuristic design is durable and dependable, available in one and five-gallon sizes.
  • Robust enough for public spaces: offices, retail stores, restaurants, auto repair shops or municipal uses at public transportation facilities, it will withstand heavy use.
  • Automatic, touchless, ADA-compliant dispenser.
  • Provides 18,927 uses with a 5-gallon supply, 3,785 uses with a 1-gallon supply. Fill less, sanitize and save more.
  • Dispenser dose is the perfect amount for total hand coverage and the consistency of the gel product keeps the hand sanitizer on a user’s hands eliminating drip waste.
  • Dispenser provides for quick hand sanitation. Dose requires only 5 seconds for complete hand coverage that refreshes and softens hands.
  • Dispenser has a fast recovery time between uses allowing for rapid and frequent use. Will not be a bottleneck.
  • Dispenser has a LED light to shine a light on the hands to aid in the efficient application of hand sanitizer.
  • Dispenser is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable 12-volt battery, allowing for a service schedule that eliminates downtime and helps avoid a non-working dispenser.
  • Drip tray protects floor surfaces.
  • Additional space at the bottom of cabinet (5-gallon) to hold refills with a keyed lock to restrict access.
  • Rugged stainless steel construction suitable for harsh high traffic environments.
  • A VIP Refill Program is available for a discount on hand sanitizer supply prices.

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